Hi everyone! On this site you will find a record of all my group letters as well as updated happenings and pictures from my experience here in Kazakhstan. I will update this weblog as often as possible to keep everyone informed, interested, and coming back. I will try to keep negative comments and feelings to a minimum, but as I intend to use this as both a forum to share my experiences and also a personal journal, I can't promise that there won't be some pissed off ramblings from time to time after I've had a particularly bad day. Anyway, I'm open to questions or comments anyone has about my experience, ways to improve the site or make it more interesting, or just in general. Hope you enjoy!

on Mar 06, 2005
Hi there Mada! Kazakstan hey? That's good, i'm sure they need people like you over there

Welcome to JU. Dont worry about rambling, this is your blog so feel free to express yourself. As long as you follow the community 'rules'.

Well i suppose we'll read from you soon, right?